«Seaman»’s sauna is available 24/7 for you to enjoy hot steam and crystal clear water!At your convinience:

  • finnish sauna
  • pool
  • shower
  • changing room

Both rooms of sauna contain tables and couches. Would like some tea after steam treatments? We have all tableware ready for you. Like beer? Beer glasses are available for you as well. Would like to have a bite? You can easily order food from our cafe.

If you want to relax even more, you can enjoy watching fish in our aquriums. Or you can have some fun in our karaoke, one of our rooms have LED TV for this purposes.

Relax, recuperate, and strengthen the body!If you are going to follow all rules of the sauna, your time in there will leave only the best impression.

Sauna Rules:

  • Limit is 6 people in steamroom at once
    • Kids (up to 16 years old) must be accompanies by parents
    • While using sauna you hold all responsibility for yourself and your kids
  • You need to reserve the sauna at the hotel desk and pay in advance.
    • Price may change due to time of the day, weekends, and holidays.
    • Rates are per hour, cant be portioned
  • include towels and sheets for your use at the sauna. Please keep sauna clean
    • Please keep sauna clean
    • You must change shoes (slippers, flip flops, etc)
  • Minumum 1 hour stay
    • This includes your time to change. 
    • Our administrator will notify you 15 minites prior to your end time. 
    • You must leave sauna once your time is up or otherwise you will be charged for an additional hour
  • You may decide to extend your stay in sauna at any time, just by notifying our staff.
    • We may decline extension in case if sauna is already reserved by other guests
  • While using sauna please be kind to other guests and staff members
  • By using sauna services you agree to the following rules
    • We are not responsible for lost and damage belongings
    • If you find any damages, you have to notify staff imiidiately
    • In case of damaging any properly, you will be responsible to pay price of repair or replacement
  • We are not responsible for any injuries resulted in sauna use
  • We reserve all the right to refuse any services or call police in case of the above rules not being followed


  • Strictly prohibited:

    • use of sauna under influence of drugs or alcohol
    • use of sauna for people with the following medical conditions (cancer, inflamations, ardiovascular disease, epilepsy, and schizophrenia)
    • Bring weapons (including toxic instances)
    • Turn on or off sauna’s equipment
    • Jump off sides
    • Use of cosmetics, essential oils and other instances in the steamroom
    • Use sauna for hygienic purposes ( shaving, do laundry, and etc)
    • Pour oils on electric tans
    • Use aerosoles
    • Throw garage in the pool
    • Smoke, drink alcohol, and eat inside the steam room
    • Throw toilet paper and garbage in the toilet
    • Leave shower on
    • Leave kids in sauna or pool without parent’s supervision

    We reserve the right to refuse any services. In cases when rules above are not being followed, we reserve the right to ask the person to leave sauna’s premises without any reimbursement

    Hotel Management

Price list:

Dear guests! We are offering you to use our sauna

Working hours

Price list:

Working hours:

8:00 — 18:00

700 rubles/hour

Working hours:

18:00 — 8:00

900 rubles/hour

Prices as of 01.01.2012

Price is based on 6 people (no more than 10)

Working hours:

Extra charges per person

100 rubles/hour

Working hours:

Deposit for 6 people

1 000 rubles

Working hours:

Deposit for 6-10 people

3 000 rubles

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